Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Natural remedies can help you how to heal depression

Stress-  A cause  of depression:

Stress and anxiety release stress hormones in a person’s body which lead to depression. According to World Health Organization (WHO), 350 million people are depressed. It is commonly observed in people these days. Depression and stress are a leading cause of suicide.

Low-Self Esteem:

Anxiety and depression can be a reason for low self-esteem and self-confidence. Patients with depression usually depend on medications like tranquilisers. This article is the ultimate guide of how to heal depression naturally.

Natural Remedies for Depression:


Depressed people should take out time for exercise regular exercise can help reduce the stress hormones. Less stress hormones mean a person feels relieved after work out. A depressed person should at least spend thirty minutes in gym three to four times a week.

Prioritize yourself:

It is important to give yourself time and set your priorities right. Some people are always busy In their lives and forget to take some time out for themselves,


Meditation and yoga can also prove helpful in overcoming depression. Yoga helps to release all the negative energies, refreshing the soul.

A healthy life style: 

The hustle and bustle of life often keep people up late in the night. Due to which their sleep cycle is affected.  It is a research that less hours of sleep can be a cause of depression. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a key to a happy life. Lifestyle also includes the type of food one eats. If you end up eating more junk, it can cause obesity.

Take a break:

Short vacation and breaks are important to fighting depression. One should plan a short trip on weekend. Or take a week off from work and spend quality time with family. This is a key to regaining self-confidence.

Depression is a state of mind which lead people to lose part of their lives which can never be brought back. If fought in time, natural remedies can help recover from this phase.